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?FCC Catalysts

Get the Spring 2020? 

edition of Grace Catalagram?, No. 125


The FCC, or fluid catalytic cracking, unit is one of the principal conversion units in a refinery.  Grace offers a broad portfolio of state-of-the-art catalyst solutions to meet refiners' needs and remains dedicated to helping our customers achieve success.  We help refineries stay competitive in various ways, such as maximizing the yield of the most valuable products, selecting the optimal catalyst for the refinery crude slate, and continually advancing product innovation.

A key component of how we ensure our customers' success is the industry-leading technical service that Grace has been providing to the refining industry since 1947.  Our highly specialized engineers support our customers with application and operations expertise, start-up and optimization assistance, and industry benchmarking.  Sophisticated R&D facilities and high-throughput testing labs help Grace's team understand catalytic and feed impacts before they occur in the refinery.  Earlier identification of the impact allows time to optimize the operating parameters and catalyst management strategies, enabling a more stable and profitable operation. 

Our experience, backed by manufacturing excellence, has made Grace the world's leading supplier of FCC catalyst and additives, with manufacturing locations on three continents and sales in over 60 countries.