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?????????????Polyolefin Catalysts

?For more than 50 years, Grace has been a
leading producer of polyolefin cata-lysts and
additive systems.

Today, Grace is the #1 polyolefin catalyst supplier and #1 independent polypropylene catalyst supplier globally. We have the broadest portfolio of polyolefin catalysts, supports, and process technology, with market-leading technology in Ziegler-Natta, single-site, polyethylene, and polypropylene catalysts as well as polypropylene process technology.

Our customers include the largest polyolefin producers in the world as well as polyolefin producers across the globe. 


Building the Leading
Polyolefin Catalysts Portfolio

Grace's polyolefin catalysts portfolio includes:

  • MAGNAPORE?, the industry’s recognized leader in chromium-based polyethylene catalysts with 40 years of experience in liquid loop processes;
  • LYNX? Ziegler-Natta catalysts systems for the production of high-density PE resins, such as bimodal film and pipe, as well as commercial use for the production of PP in all major process technologies including slurry, bulk loop, stirred gas, fluid gas, and stirred bulk;
  • POLYTRAK? Ziegler-Natta polypropylene catalysts, exhibiting high activity with excellent operability and broad product capability;
  • HYAMPP? 6th generation, non-phthalate polypropylene catalysts with industry-leading activity and expanded product capability, delivering resins that exhibit better clarity, stiffness, and impact strength;
  • SHAC? Ziegler-Natta polypropylene catalysts, optimized for use in UNIPOL? PP process technology with excellent reliability and broad product capability; 
  • CONSISTA? 6th generation, non-phthalate polypropylene catalysts optimized for use in UNIPOL? PP process technology with industry-leading activity and expanded product capability, delivering resins that exhibit better clarity, stiffness, and impact strength;
  • Custom catalysts including proprietary single-site and Ziegler-Natta catalysts;
  • Methylaluminoxane (MAO); and
  • Metallocenes and organoboron activators.
? ?

While our heritage was in polyethylene catalysts, a series of acquisitions, partnerships, and investments rapidly expanded our offerings across the polyolefin technology spectrum. 

In 2013, Grace acquired Dow’s UNIPOL? Polypropylene Process Technology, a proprietary gas phase PP process technology for the production of a broad range of polypropylene products. Our UNIPOL? PP licensing and catalyst business includes UNIPOL UNIPPAC? Advanced Process Control software.

In 2016, we acquired the BASF Polyolefin Catalysts business, including LYNX? PP and PE catalysts. These catalysts allow producers to realize the productivity advantages of greater plant throughput and polymer differentiation across the entire range of polyolefin processes.

In 2018, Grace acquired Albemarle’s Polyolefin Catalysts business, which includes custom-manufactured single-site catalysts, metallocenes, activators, and a comprehensive series of highly optimized Ziegler-Natta catalysts for PE production.

With each acquisition, Grace’s industry-leading R&D, scale-up, and commercial manufacturing capabilities have been strengthened.