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Grace Fine Chemical Custom Manufacturing Intermediates Regulatory Starting Materials




???Grace Albany Facility.


?????Building_Day7158_cropped2.pngGrace's strategically located fine chemicals facility in Albany, OR is ?designed to meet customers' quality, ?regulatory, and confidentiality expectations.?

  • Audited and qualified cGMP environment

  • Kilos-to-tons custom manufacturing

  • Scale up expertise and technology

  • Expanded R&D capabilities

  • ISO9001 certified


Grace partners with customers to solve complex challenges in custom chemical synthesis and the scale up of fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and beverage, chemical processing, and other industries. High quality, made-to-order compounds can be manufactured in quantities ranging from kilos to tons delivered on time and upholding the highest Western safety and quality standards.

Grace works with customers to support projects from pre-clinical through commercialization, offering customized product development, project management, and scale-up expertise. With a deep understanding of organic synthesis and biocatalysis supported by a comprehensive cGMP environment Grace provides vital building blocks for a range of products: technology based regulatory starting materials, advanced intermediates, and organic chemical materials including synthetically challenging nutraceutical compounds not accessible via traditional extraction from natural sources. ?


  • Chiral Intermediates: We have synthesized small molecule intermediates on scales up to 80 MT/year per project.

  • Peptide Building Block and Fragments: We have scaled up over 150 peptide fragments ranging in scale from 1-500 Kg/batch and in lengths from 2-16 amino acids by solution phase chemistry. In personal care products, peptides have been recognized for their ability to provide anti-aging, firmness, elasticity, and skin lightening properties.

  • Specialty Amino Acids: Using our broad platform in chiral technology, we have scaled up over 350 specialty amino acid derivatives ranging on scales from grams to low MT levels.

  • Boronic Acids: Drawing on experience with organometallic chemistry, we offer considerable expertise in the manufacture of aryl, aliphatic and chiral boronic acids and esters.

  • Fluorinated Building Blocks: We have novel technology for production of specialized fluorine containing building blocks which can be incorporated into a wide range of chiral molecules.

Contact Grace to explore how we can support your custom manufacturing project.???